Major playor in the Fintech, Finsquare selects ANADEFI Banks to modernize its funding applications rating system

Posted on04/11/15

ANADEFI Banks, developed by O.R. System, a counterparty risk, financial analysis and internal rating solution, was chosen by Finsquare to automate its business processes for financial analysis, internal rating and management of its members’ funding requests., an online platform for SMEs and very small businesses’ (VSB) short term loans, goes one more step in its commitment to provide a performant, efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional banks. It’s a first on the crowdlending market: the start up adopted ANADEFI Banks solution in order to anticipate and manage credit risks in real time, like traditional financial institutions do. By speeding up funding responses for short term loans (under 24 months), Finsquare strongly upgrades its rating system.

The adoption of a traditional banking process
Thanks to its process automation and industrialization, the solution enables Finsquare to reinforce and optimize its financial analysis and rating. ANADEFI Banks centralizes and analyzes all available data – financial (balances sheets are automatically digitalized and integrated), and non-financial – in a central repository. The data are then analyzed reliably and quickly, and enables Finsquare to offer funding solutions within a time much shorter than what is offered by traditional banks.
“Our aim is to go further in modernizing and improving the performance of the traditional systems used by banks. Today, for the first time in our market, we are taking another step in partnering with ANADEFI Banks, the market reference for counterparty risk management. can analyze funding portfolios the way banks do, but much more quickly, in only a few days” declares Polexandre Joly, CEO and co-founder of Finsquare.

Jean-Luc Fort, CEO of O.R. System adds « by choosing ANADEFI Banks, acquires the tool used by most of the traditional financial institutions, in France and globally, in order to offer a unique services to its members. We are delighted to now be on the expanding Fintech market, through its pioneer and leader”.