L’agence France Locale chooses ANADEFI for its counterparty risk management

Posted on03/04/14

Created in 2013, the Agence France Locale (AFL) has been created by local authorities willing to have their own funding tool. Its mission will be to participate to the funding of their investments thanks to the bond and money markets and will be complementary to the current banking offering. It will be fully owned by the stakeholders public authorities and will only lend to them. Its activities will cover credit management, funding, placements on bond markets, monitoring of asset liability management, and the accounting of all these operations.

The AFL chose ANADEFI Banks solution in order to automate and industrialize its processes of financial analysis and local authorities’ accounts rating. ANADEFI will enable them to reach its risks control objectives, and will hence optimize its activities’ launch. It will contribute to make the AFL regulatory compliant. The AFL will secure its business processes by:

–        Integrating a flexible configuration of the accounting presentation standards

–        Producing qualitative, homogeneous and traceable analysis

–        Defining a regulatory compliant rating methodology

The solution will be deployed within two months, hosted by O.R. System in SaaS, and will be used by the commitments and risks departments.

Philippe Rogier, Credit and commitments director at the Agence France Locale comments: “we chose ANADEFI because it’s a flexible tool, easy to implement. Thanks to it we will obtain traceable and quality informations and we will be able to realize a very precise monitoring of our operations. We’re convinced that our financial analysis will be completely reliable and that we will have the ability to make our rating system evolve in order to control our risks in an effective manner.”

According to Jean-Luc Fort, CEO of O.R. System, « we understand the strategic challenges faced by the AFL as a future privileged financial intermediary for public authorities, and we are delighted to count them amongst our new customers. It gives us a chance to demonstrate that ANADEFI is the best solution for counterparty risk management, financial analysis and internal rating, for banks and financial institutions.”