O.R. System and MyProcurement.com sign a strategic partnership

Posted on08/04/14

O.R. System, software publisher of ANADEFI, the counterparty risk management market leading solution, and MyProcurement, publisher of the B2B platform MyProcurement, announce the signing of their exclusive partnership.
The two companies will then enable contractors to reinforce their control over provider operational risks:

– By benefiting from ANADEFI Providers Scoring through MyProcurement platform

– By visualizing the provider risks in real time, according to contractors’ financial criteria

MyProcurement uses ANADEFI Provider Scoring to:

–        Integrate the providers informations provided by contractors

–        Analyze and score providers through specific criteria defined by the contractor

–        Provide the analysis and specific reports in real time to each contractor

Ludovic Granese, Founder of MyProcurement, comments « We are very happy about this exclusive partnership which consolidates the leadership position of MyProcurement solution for companies’ risks management and regulatory compliance projects. »
« Being ensured to have an efficient providers’ panel that precisely addresses contractors’ needs guarantees MyProcurements’ customers’successes. ANADEFI Provider Scoring will systematically be proposed to them as tool integrated in MyP-Scoring » adds André Carrion, President of MyProcurement.

Jean-Luc Fort, CEO of O.R. System comments: « Providers’ risks management is an emerging need for contractors, which fits within the necessity for companies to control their operational risks. This technological and business partnership with one of the major contractors’ service platform market stakeholder, will certainly be successful as it addresses a strong market need. »