ANADEFI Banks is the leading solution for counterparty risk management, financial analysis and internal rating, specifically conceived for banks and financial institutions.

Thanks to ANADEFI Banks, a business decision support tool, you can obtain a comprehensive view of all your customers financing requests and deal with them in a faster and more reliable way than before through the automation of your financial analysis processes.

It is a flexible tool, easy to implement, even for complex projects. It gives you the possibility to obtain traceable and qualified information, track it very closely, store it in a unique repository, realize efficient and reliable financial analysis, and make your internal rating systems evolve easily.

The solution:

  • Is fully compliant with Basel II and III
  • Combines external, internal, financial and non-financial data into a single repository for counterparty rating and gives a better understanding of risk origination
  • Standardizes financial analysis and counterparty rating practices within a centralized solution which is robust, flexible and scalable (multi industry, multi financial statements, etc.)
  • Easily maintains rating models and reduces the time to market of the rating model validation to its implementation
  • Automates financial analysis, rating and decision making processes and improves the collaboration between risks stakeholders
  • Supports the decision making processes


  • Balance sheets analysis
  • Income statements analysis
  • Ratios calculation
  • Score
  • Projection
  • Companies’ comparison
  • Related risks analysis (Same manager for different companies…)
  • Management of Companies’ Groups (Headquarter, affiliates…)
  • Sectorial comparisons
  • Edition of analysis reports enabling the integration in a unique document of quantitative (extracted from ANADEFI) and qualitative (collected by the analysts) informations.
  • Basel II and III requirements:
    • Counterparty rating
    • Operation rating
    • Rating validation process
    • Complete archiving of data

ANADEFI is a standard solution, its parameters can be entirely set: rating and score criteria are defined by banks within the Basel II and III framework and don’t affect the source code of the software.  In addition, ANADEFI is a multi-lingual and multi currencies software that can be adapted in every country. It can interface with the main accounting and financial companies’ databases such as Alatres, Dun & Bradstreet, Coface – SCRL, BIL, Bilans Services, Sisyphe.