Anadefi OpenAdesOpenAdes is a development kit supported by the financial analysis and rating engine of ANADEFI. It provides all the methods to program companies’ own customer interface or its integration in existing applications (for example, it can calculate a score in real time with data coming from an application external to ANADEFI).

OpenAdes is delivered with a plugin that facilitates the setting of certain functionalities in a browser type environment. It has a powerful functionality to produce complete scripts integrating the customer’s financial data, the associated financial grid, and real time integrated calculations. All documents created by ANADEFI administrator are produced in PDF format.

OpenAdes can also be used for its calculation engine in a decision chain without any human intervention.

Transmitting the behavioral elements needed for the score calculation becomes simple and instantaneous.


  • Is a software component acting as a proxy
  • Manages connections and communications with the server Ades
  • Can be installed on Ades or any other server
  • Doesn’t require any particular installation
  • Can be supported on applications through WebServices, java classes, an API (C, Pascal, etc), or a protocol on an IP socket.