O.R. System is a solution and software provider for counterparty risk management, financial analysis, and internal rating. With more than 300 000 users in 70 different countries, we are a leader in our market. We are committed to partner with each of our customers, we thrive on creating value for them, constantly adapting to their markets and needs.

In order to support customers, we have a dedicated team of multidisciplinary specialists: business experts (financial analysis and rating), project managers, products experts, technical architects, trainers.


Created in 1985, O.R. System started as a software company dedicated to banks and financial institutions.

The first version of its flagship product, ANADEFI, was developed and implemented in the early 90’s, as a powerful financial analysis tool, to help financial institutions evaluate their customers and counterparties.

With the rapid development of Basel I, II and III regulatory rules, ANADEFI was extended from a pure financial analysis tool to a complete platform supporting the implementation of any internal rating methodologies.

ANADEFI rapidly became the leading solution for financial institutions’ counterparty credit risk management .

In 2005, O.R. System launched a version of ANADEFI dedicated to Central Banks to provide them with a complete solution for the management of their financial information, risk and payment incidents databases.

The company was bought out in 2010, and is genuinely expanding thanks to a significant growing number of new customers and the development of new international activities in Poland and Brazil.