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Companies face counterparty risks every day, it is part of their business models. They need a robust, flexible and scalable solution to automate their customer’s financial analysis and internal rating.

ANADEFI is a fully configurable tool giving our clients a comprehensive understanding of their customer’s counterparty risks, and enables regulatory compliance to Basel II and III. It has a unique repository that centralizes quantitative and qualitative, financial and non financial customers’ data from internal and external sources; It standardizes and normalizes customers and third parties’ financial analysis and internal rating. Thanks to a business user interface that consistently reduces implementation delays, new internal rating models are easily integrated. ANADEFI is a business decision support tool that encourages collaboration and optimizes the decision making processes.

This solution is multi languages, multi currencies, and can be deployed internationally.

ANADEFI is an easy to use and implement turnkey solution, used from the Front Office to the Risk Department by business users.

A multi industry solution : individual businesses, retailers, SMEs, large accounts, corporates, associations, public organizations, banks and financial institutions, specific businesses (agriculture, real estate…), leasing, factoring, LBOs, structured fundings etc.

A multi sector solution: finance, agriculture, industry, services, real estate.

A multi country solution: possibility to manage various financial statements and templates, normalized accounts, IFRS etc.

Customers benefits:

  • A unique solution for financial analysis
  • A Basel II and III internal rating solution
  • A complete repository that facilitates regulators’ audits
  • A tool for business users that reduces the time to market
  • A complete solution that supports business strategies


The implementation of ANADEFI can be done directly by the business users with the support of their IT department.

To support its customers, O.R. System has developed a dedicated financial analysis and internal rating methodology and works with them to understand their business and adapt the solution to each organizational and process model.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in financial analysis and project management best practices, this methodology aims to ensure the proper conduct of the project implementation according to quality, cost and time dimensions.

Maintenance and Customer Support

ANADEFI modules are regularly upgraded to take advantage of the best practices in the credit risk area of financial services industries.

New minor and major versions are provided on a regular basis and can be implemented without major disruption to the customers operations.

O.R. System provides its customers with on-going specialized technical assistance thanks to its on-demand hotline, and can help on-site for specific situations.