ANADEFI Cash & Credit

 With the growing complexity of inter-enterprise credits in Europe, generating cash and reducing outstanding payments is becoming a real challenge for corporate finance departments.

For companies to define their credit and debt collection policies, it is necessary to consolidate, share and adapt information quickly.

Performance is not only evaluated through DSO or due ratio improvement, but also through the capacity of making business processes evolve according to customer’s risks profile and its evolution.

Introduction to ANADEFI Cash & Credit

With ANADEFI Cash & Credit, you can fully control your credit policy: you choose your customers scoring criteria, manage the granting of credit, automatically integrate published balance sheets – and manually enter the non-published ones, use automatic interfaces with credit references agencies (Dun & Bradstreet, Creditsafe, etc.), take advantage of automated financial analysis reports, distribute your own contextual financial questionnaire and finally manage outstanding overruns and guarantees.

ANADEFI Cash & Credit integrates one of the most proven financial analysis engine in the banking and finance sector, used by 300 000 users worldwide.

With ANADEFI Cash & Credit, you can structure your multichannel follow up processes (mails, faxes, sms, emails) with the intelligence of a web-based processes modeler. Its “Touch and Go” ease of use enables you to define and adapt your business processes on a daily basis.

With ANADEFI Cash & Credit, you consolidate all your customers’ books and benefit from a complete and accurate view on your financial activity.

You can also use any cash generation criteria in your follow up and warning policies: change of payer’s behavior, payments status, claims monitoring, scores (external and internal), and any other variables configurable in ANADEFI Cash & Credit.

We provide you with a comprehensive view of credit risk exposures as well as debt collection information consolidation.


  • Optimization of the customers’ financial relationship
  • Consolidation of information and payers’ behavior
  • A robust and reliable financial analysis engine
  • Generation of accurate scores
  • Automation of processes



  • Automatic integration of all data: accounts, accounting entries, scores, etc.
  • Comprehensive debt collection management
  • Workflow, user’ tasks’ management
  • Automatic management of correspondence, either for companies or individuals, and multichannel communication (mails, faxes, emails, sms)
  • Claims management
  • Financial and customer relationship traceability
  • Business processes modeling
  • Analysis of payer behavior
  • Dashboards
  • Operational and decisional steering


  • Automatic and manual integration of balance sheets, scores
  • Automatic interfaces with credit data agencies
  • Configurable scoring models
  • Contextual credit questionnaire
  • Credit policy: granting of credit, outstanding payments management, etc.
  • Historization of indicators: DSO, excess days, ACD, dues and non-dues, diverse scores, etc.
  • Configurable financial reports

ANADEFI Cash & Credit is a turnkey full web solution, with new generation functionalities. It is multilingual, multicurrency, easy to use and its deployment is very rapid. It doesn’t need any hardware installation for mails, sms and fax send outs.